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A sustainable giving program that helps wildlife world-wide

#RHINOgives Wildlife Giving
Impact Index Fund: Animals
Support US-based charities that work globally to protect animal rights and create safe habitats for all animals

Fund Total as of Today:

$4,462 USD


#RHINOgives 2023 Goal:

$25,000.00 USD

How does #RHINOgives work?


Delegate to RHINO on any of the Cosmos Networks we operate on.

10% of the commissions earned by RHINO across all Cosmos chains we operate on is transferred into the #RHINOgives wallet every week. These proceeds, that come from your delegations, are then re-staked to RHINO. The principal amount of funds in the #RHINOgives wallet is never undelegated, transferred or sold.


Then every month starting in July 2022, the total amount of rewards earned from staking is claimed from all chains. This amount is then swapped to USD Coin (USDC) and then donated to The Giving Block's Impact Index Fund: Animals Fund.


The principal amount continues to grow each month through the delegations to RHINO, and the rewards continue to grow through the power of the APR of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Since only the rewards are donated, your delegation to RHINO today will turn into years and years of continued donations to wildlife world-wide.

participating wallets

The following #RHINOgives wallets are a part of the giving program. Each of these wallets receives tokens from validator accounts on a regular basis. These accounts are staked & all rewards are centralized and distributed in USDC via the Ethereum account listed.

Any tokens sent to the addresses below will be staked and added to the RHINOgives wildlife fund directly!


The RHINO team is passionate about the Cosmos ecosystem. We believe that the future of the Cosmos and IBC is extremely bright, with new capabilities and opportunities being created every day. We believe that there is enough of this success to create tangible benefits to groups that cannot prosper directly from this ecosystem.

While we support the goals of other excellent Cosmos validators like ECO Stake or windpowerstake that support the environment through their rewards and actions, the RHINO team wanted to focus our attention on helping support and protect the world's wildlife.

Just a few of the organizations your delegations will support every month:

International Rhino Foundation
Gorilla Doctors
International Association for Bear Research and Management
Red Bucket Equine Rescue
Ocean Defenders Alliance
Mission K9 Rescue
Wildlife SOS
Progressive Animal Welfare Society
African Wildlife Foundation
The Dolphin Project
Wild Tomorrow Fund
Mercy For Animals

Donation Transaction Log

NetworkProofAmount DonatedOrganizationDate
USDC0x384431c2217440d1127469aa671e992e5812fafdcdeaa11cfcc68e5cc1723e3c1,087 UDSCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2023/05/20
USDC0x7e6662abe317606a69c2dc81e49f76eaca831ec2eed2697a70409c14e4171c301,164 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2023/04/11
USDC0x5973547ff4e2453fd3086e67649d445d3b74f4d484636de378390adaa7c97933131 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2023/02/22
USDC0xe6859d60ea0d853f3099cbb17e3e60c83dfe3fdc1a9e060ffeb146a737d78dd0180 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2022/12/11
USDC0x9b226ed35ff3a0eca8a4252a720bbd0dbd95fbb14616cb08246ed5ffbf8c16a7254 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2022/10/11
USDC0x6b78cb3e0d3ceb02ba5bf138ed65f8c6a7ccd93d49e7272ad52acaa38291b82c630 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2022/09/11
USDC0xdf932b556fab70df424efb0f14e5db780b1036dcd2c8251798a7d9b20dcdfc1a209 USDCThe Giving Block Animal Impact Fund2022/08/03
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