Aptos RPC Endpoints


API endpoints on Aptos testnet & mainnet for projects and development teams looking to build their success on the Aptos Network.


It's easy to get started

RHINO provides these endpoints free-of-charge with umlimited use on testnet and up to 50,000 requests per day on mainnet. Contact us for inexpensive pricing for unlimited access to these endpoints.
Aptos is a scalable layer-1 proof-of-stake blockchain that uses the Move programming language and promises increased reliability, usability, and security. Learn more at aptoslabs.com


Cluster Status:

Rate limit:50,000 request per day. Unlimited available.

Number of participating Aptos nodes:3

Node locations:Requests are routed to a cluster located in the Eastern US. Private endpoints available for your team in Europe and Asia. Please reachout below.

Documentation:Mainnet API Documentation


Cluster Status:

Rate limit:Unlimited (see FAQ)

Number of participating Aptos nodes:3

Node locations:Eastern US

Documentation:Testnet API Documentation

Frequently asked questions

Are these APIs free to use?

RHINO provides free, unlimited access to testnet APIs. For mainnet, these interfaces are rate limited to 50,000 requests per 24 hour period. If it is determined that these interfaces are being abused in testnet, the RHINO team will ban IP addresses, or enforce rate-limiting keys in the future.

What if my project needs more requests per day?

Reach out to a member of the RHINO team using the Contact Us section below, or email info@rhinostake.com and we can provide pricing for unlimited use of these services.

Do you offer a SLA?

Absolutely. This robust API stack uses a 3-tier architecture with multiple layers of redundancy. From geo-routing, load balancing, to state_sync and node operations, monitoring and alerting — this infrastructure is built for high availability. We include an SLA in our agreement for unlimited network use.

How do I implement authorization to bypass the rate limiter?

After you receive an apikey from RHINO for aptos-apis.com, add a new header to your requests to above above endpoints with the key name of x-apikey.

Is custom reporting available?

Yes. Depending on your needs, RHINO provides custom a custom API dashboard that will show frontend (requests, unique users, etc.) as well as backend (latencies, node status, etc.) metrics.

Do you take crypto?

We accept USD as well as USDC, USDT and other pre-approved stable coins in the Cosmos, Ethereum, or Polygon networks.



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