Validate Helium with Rhino Stake

RHINO is a non-custodial HNT Validator-as-a-Service

We build, run and manage Helium validator nodes for individuals or groups who have 10,000 HNT to stake as a Validator. RHINO manages all technical aspects of the validator deployment, management and monitoring of this solution. You stake directly from your wallet, without RHINO custodial of your HNT. Your rewards are also directly attributed to your wallet. This is a white glove Helium validator service built for Helium HNT stakers who are looking to maximize their HNT earnings potential.

Questions? Find me on the official Helium Discord server on the #validator channel as usurper#8680.

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)


Validator Commission

Flat 5% of Reward Earnings. No Other Fees.

Payout Frequency

Every Epoch (~30 minutes), when selected

Unbonding Period

250,000 Blocks (~5 months)

Stake Helium with Rhino Stake

Why Helium?

Helium is the world’s fastest growing wireless network ever. Adding over 40,000 hotspots per month, Helium network is poised to become one of the largest infrastructures in the world. Today, hundreds of companies are building solutions on Helium's LoRaWAN solution, and 5G is right around the corner.


Here are answers to some of the questions that we have been asked.
Reach out to support@rhinostake.com to get started!

What is Helium?

If you're here reading about staking HNT, our guess is that you understand the Helium ecosystem. There is much to be excited about with the world's largest network. Read more about Helium at helium.com.

What is staking?

If you hold Helium tokens (HNT), you can stake those tokens to a validator. By staking HNT, you help secure the network. You get part of the rewards provided by the protocol for this assistance. If you are planning to hold on to HNT, staking will help you accumulate more HNT while contributing to the health of the network.

Why RHINO over other non-custodial validator services?

Infrastructure, experience and service. Other validator services rely on public-cloud virtual or bare metal servers offered by the same few cloud vendors. These "public" data centers are over-crowded, over-subscribed, and have network and other related risks that are out of the control of these validator services.

RHINO services are managed and delivered on RHINO owned, fault-redundant Enterprise hardware located in co-located Tier 1 private data centers in North America. Our services have multiple public egress routes, full power and cooling redundancy, and 24/7 hands-on operations.

The RHINO team has been involved in the Helium validator network from the very first testnet release. With countless hours in assisting in the testing, monitoring and support of these services. Today, the RHINO team is present in channels, providing assistance to validator operators where needed, as well as tools such as the Helium Consensus Group Dashboard.

We also take just a few clients, so whether it's personal assistance in staking a validator, answering questions on rewards, or assisting in other ways, we can hop on a audio or video call to help.

Finally, RHINO is a small independent validator service with no ties to Helium or the DeWi organization. Currently over 25% of staked validators are held with one staking partner, and over 40% of validators are held with three partners. Increase decentralization of the Helium network by supporting small operators like RHINO.

How are rewards calculated?

Validators earn 6% of all rewards distributed. In 2021 and 2022, this is calculated as 6% of the monthly 2.5M HNT issued, or 150,000 HNT. Rewards are given for each time your validator participates in a Consensus Group (CG). CGs occur approximately every 30 minutes. Read more about the structure of HNT distributions and Helium validators.

Do I lose ownership of my HNT?

You are not giving away ownership of HNT by delegating. RHINO does not take ownership of your HNT, and you are free to transfer your stake away from RHINO to another validator at any time. A transfer can happen instantly.

Does RHINO run an in-house Validator?

Absolutely, RHINO has skin-in-the-game as well. We are running Validators on our hardware with our stake right next to yours. We are incentivized to deliver highly performant Validators both through the commission percentage and our own performance. Here's one of our validators on the Helium Explorer.

What are the risks of delegating on Helium?

There is no slashing of HNT for poorly performing validators, but there is a penalty structure in place to ensure that poorly performing validators are selected for fewer Consensus Groups than well performing validators. The RHINO team has been involved with the Helium Testnet since inception, and even wrote the page on understanding Validator penalties. We have extensive experience in troubleshooting and solving validator penalties.

What does RHINO receive from this?

We charge a flat 5% commission of the Consensus Group rewards received, calculated at the end of each month. For example, if you receive 100 HNT during the month in rewards, RHINO will invoice (100 * 0.05) = 5 HNT for the month. There are no additional fees.

What if I'm already staking elsewhere?

The Helium team has functionality within the Helium wallet to easily transfer your stake from one validator to another. This does not require a cool down period and can be performed at any time. If you are already staking your validator with another provider and wish to try out RHINO, reach out to us at support@rhinostake.com

How can I unstake?

Undelegating (also called unbonding or unstaking) can be done anytime. However, it takes approximately 250,00 blocks (60 second blocks = ~5.5 months) for your HNT to undelegate and become transferable. You will not earn rewards during this period. As another option, you can instantly transfer a delegated amount to another validator. Rewards earned are available instantly in your wallet, only the initial 10,000 HNT stake is held in the 250,000 block cool down period.

Can I do a partial stake? Can I stake from multiple wallets?

RHINO does not support pooling or partial stakes. We provide dedicated validator hardware for you to stake and earn rewards. We recommend the excellent folks at Helium Rising as an extremely capable partial-staking provider.

As of today, the Helium wallet and chain does not support staking a validator from multiple wallets or splitting rewards. Therefore all staking and reward transactions must be associated to a single Helium wallet address.